Wordsworth and Coleridge: A Study in Nature

1. Introduction:

Wordsworth and Coleridge were two major English romantic poets. Wordsworth is known for his poems about nature, while Coleridge is known for his poems about spiritual subjects. Though they had different views about the external universe, they shared a passion for Nature.

2. Wordsworth’s view of Nature:

Wordsworth believed that Nature was a source of beauty and inspiration. He believed that there was a spiritual presence in Nature, and that this presence could be felt by those who were attuned to it. He also believed that Nature was a source of strength and comfort, and that its beauty could help people to overcome their problems.

3. Coleridge’s view of external universe:

Coleridge also believed in the spirituality of Nature, but he saw it as being more mysterious and frightening than Wordsworth did. He thought that the external universe was something to be explored, and that it held many secrets. He also believed that humans were part of Nature, and that they could learn from it.

4. Wordsworth’s Hawkhead days:

In his early poetry, Wordsworth often wrote about his childhood experiences in the Lake District. These poems, which are known as the Hawkhead days, describe his love of nature and his sense of wonder at its beauty. They also express his belief that humans are part of Nature, and that they should live in harmony with it.

5. Coleridge’s spiritual presence:

Coleridge’s most famous poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” is about a sailor who kills an albatross and is punished by being forced to wear the bird’s carcass around his neck. The poem is full of religious imagery, and it describes the sailor’s journey from sin to redemption. The poem also expresses Coleridge’s belief in the spiritual presence of Nature, and its power to transform human lives.

6. Conclusion:

Wordsworth and Coleridge both saw Nature as a source of beauty, inspiration, and strength. They also both believed in its spirituality, and saw it as an important part of human life. Though they had different views about the external universe, their shared passion for Nature united them as poets and friends.


Wordsworth's and Coleridge's view of the external universe is that it is a source of inspiration and knowledge.

Wordsworth's view is that the external universe is a source of inspiration, while Coleridge's view is that it is a source of knowledge.

The implications of their respective views are that Wordsworth believes that the external universe can inspire us, while Coleridge believes that it can provide us with knowledge.