“Who Moved My Cheese”: A Story About Change

1. Introduction

“Who Moved My Cheese” is a story written by Spencer Johnson. The story is about change and how different people react to it. The story is told through the use of metaphors and real life examples.

The story is about two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and two little people, Haw and Hem. The mice are always on the lookout for cheese, while the little people are content with their cheese station. One day, the cheese station is moved and the four characters must find the new cheese.

The different attitudes of the characters towards change are what make this story interesting. Sniff and Scurry are able to adapt to the change quickly, while Haw and Hem have a harder time. The story shows that not all people react to change in the same way.

2. Analysis of Metaphors & Real Life Examples

The metaphors in the story are easy to understand and relate to real life. For example, the cheese represents something that we all want in life. It could be money, success, love, or anything else that we desire. The maze represents the obstacles that we must overcome in order to achieve our goals. The little people represent those who are content with what they have and do not want to change. The mice represent those who are always looking for something better and are willing to take risks.

We can see these metaphors at play in our own lives. For example, when we graduate from college, we are faced with the decision of whether to stay in our comfort zone or venture out into the world and take risks. Those who take risks may not always find success, but they will never know unless they try. On the other hand, those who stay in their comfort zone may never experience change or growth.

The story also contains many real life examples that help us understand the concept of change. For example, when Sniff smells the cheese, he knows that it has been moved and he immediately goes to look for it. This is similar to how we react when something in our life changes. We may not like it at first, but if we keep an open mind, we will eventually adjust to the change.

3. Conclusion

“Who Moved My Cheese” is a story that everyone can relate to. It shows us that change is a part of life and that we must learn to deal with it in order to be successful. The metaphors and real life examples make it easy for us to understand the concepts of change and how different people react to it.


The author's purpose for writing this essay is to share his or her thoughts on the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" and how it has helped him or her in life.

The author uses metaphors to explain his or her points by comparing the events in the book to real life situations.

Some real life examples that the author uses in his or her essay include: -When something bad happens, it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world and that there are still good things in life. -It is important to be open to change and adapt to new situations, because if you don't, you will miss out on opportunities.

Some lessons that can be learned from "Who Moved My Cheese?" include: -Change is a natural part of life and should be embraced instead of feared. -It is important to be prepared for change and have a positive attitude when faced with new challenges.

This book has helped the author in his or her own life by teaching him or her how to deal with change and adapt to new situations.

Some other books or resources that you would recommend to someone who enjoyed this essay include: -The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey -The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale -The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a novel about following your dreams and believing in yourself.

The author uses the metaphor of a journey to explain his or her points.