The Relationship Between Reagan’s Speech and Economic Reforms

1. Introduction

On 5 February, 1981, US President Ronald Reagan made a speech to the nation in which he announced his economic plans and reforms. This speech became known as the “Reaganomics” and is considered to be the beginning of Reagan’s reforms. In this essay, we will analyze the main ideas of Reagan’s speech and their connection to the economic reforms adopted by Reagan’s administration.

2. An outline of Reagan’s speech of 5 February, 1981

In his speech, Reagan pointed out that the US economy was in a crisis and that the government needed to take action. He proposed to reduce taxes, government expenses, and regulations. He also promised to increase productivity and create new jobs.

3. The connection between Reagan’s speech and economic reforms

The main idea of Reagan’s speech was to reduce government intervention in the economy. This idea was reflected in the economic reforms adopted by Reagan’s administration. These reforms included tax cuts, deregulation, and privatization. As a result of these reforms, the US economy began to grow again and create new jobs.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that Reagan’s speech of 5 February, 1981 was the beginning of his economic reforms. These reforms helped to improve the US economy and bring it out of the crisis.


The main goals of Reagan's economic reforms were to reduce government spending, taxes, and regulation.

These reforms affected different sectors of the economy in different ways. Some sectors, such as manufacturing, benefited from the reduction in government spending. Other sectors, such as agriculture, were hurt by the reduction in subsidies.

The desired results of these reforms were not fully achieved. Government spending and taxes were reduced, but not enough to significantly improve the economy. Regulation was also reduced, but this had mixed results.

Some of the unintended consequences of these reforms included an increase in budget deficits and a decrease in social services.