The Pros and Cons of Censorship of Pornography

1. Introduction

Pornography has been in existence for centuries with different meanings and purposes at different times. In recent years, however, there has been a considerable increase in the production and consumption of pornography, especially with the advent of the internet. Pornography is now easily accessible and its impact is far-reaching. Given the myriad of ways in which pornography can be damaging, many individuals and groups have called for its censorship. In this essay, I will explore the pros and cons of censorship of pornography.

2. The Pros of Censorship of Pornography
2.1 It helps fight sexual exploitation

A key argument in favor of censorship of pornography is that it helps to fight sexual exploitation. This is because pornography often objectifies and degrades women, portraying them as nothing more than sexual objects for men’s pleasure. This can lead to men viewing women as inferior beings who are there to be used and abused, rather than as equal human beings. This in turn can lead to more widespread attitudes and practices of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual assault.

2. 2 It upholds religious values

Another argument in support of censoring pornography is that it upholds religious values. This is because many religions view pornography as immoral and contrary to their beliefs. For example, Christianity teaches that sex should be reserved for marriage, and that any form of sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin. Thus, Christians believe that pornography is sinful and harmful to both individuals and society as a whole. Consequently, they argue that it should be censored in order to protect people from its negative effects.

3. The Cons of Censorship of Pornography
3.1 It is a form of male domination

One key argument against censorship of pornography is that it is a form of male domination. This is because most pornography is created and consumed by men, for men’s pleasure. Therefore, censorship of pornography would only serve to further entrench male domination in our society. In addition, it could also lead to more harmful attitudes and practices towards women, as discussed above.

3. 2 Pornography leads to sexual assault and rape

Another argument against censorship of pornography is that it can lead to sexual assault and rape. This is because pornography often depicts violence against women, which can desensitize men to violence against women in real life. In addition, it can also give men a false sense of entitlement to engage in non-consensual sex. As a result, censorin


The main arguments for censorship of pornography are that it can lead to harmful effects such as addiction, desensitization to violence, and distorted views of sex and body image. The main arguments against censorship of pornography are that it can infringe on freedom of speech and expression, and that there is no clear evidence that it leads to any negative consequences.

Censorship of pornography would be effective in achieving its goals if it could successfully prevent people from accessing or viewing pornographic material. However, it is difficult to censor something that is widely available online, and many people would likely find ways to view pornography even if it was censored.

The potential negative consequences of censoring pornography include infringement on freedom of speech and expression, and the possibility that people who are unable to view pornography will turn to other potentially harmful activities such as child pornogra