The Love and Tragedy of Medea

1. Introduction

Medea is one of the most popular Greek dramas. It is based on the myth of Jason and Medea. In the play, Medea falls in love with Jason and betrays her own family to help him. However, Jason eventually betrays Medea by marrying another woman. Medea takes her revenge by killing her husband’s new wife and their children.

2. Medea’s love for her husband

Medea’s love for her husband is evident from the beginning of the play. She is willing to betray her own family and risk her own life to help him. She also gives up her homeland and goes into exile with him. Even after he betrays her, she still loves him and is willing to forgive him.

3. Medea’s sacrifice for her love

Medea makes many sacrifices for her love of Jason. She betrays her family, risks her life, and gives up her homeland. She also kills her own children to take revenge on Jason.

4. Medea’s justification for her crime

Medea justifies her crime by saying that she was betrayed by the one she loved the most. She sacrificed everything for him and he betrayed her. She also says that she had no choice but to kill his new wife and their children because they were a threat to her own children.

5. Conclusion

Medea is a tragic figure who is capable of great love and great violence. Her love for Jason leads her to make many sacrifices, but it also leads to her downfall when he betrays her. Her justification for killing his new wife and their children is understandable, but ultimately tragic.


Medea justifies her crime by saying that she was betrayed by her husband, Jason. He abandoned her and their children to marry another woman.

Medea says that she took such a drastic step because she wanted to get revenge on Jason for what he did.

Medea's actions make sense in light of her justification because she is very angry at Jason for betraying her.

There is another way Medea could have handled the situation, but it would not have been as effective in getting revenge on Jason.

It is difficult to say whether or not Medea was truly driven by love, but it seems more likely that she was motivated by anger and a desire for revenge.

It does not seem like Medea considered the consequences of her actions before hand, but she may have been so blinded by rage that she didn't think about them.

In the end, it is hard to say whether or not Medea's actions were worth it. She got revenge on Jason, but at the cost of losing her own life and causing a lot of pain for other people."