Image Processing: An Introduction

6 pages | 1470 words

This essay provides an introduction to image processing, including a definition of what an image is and the different types of images. It also covers the components of an image, sampling and quantization, spatial resolution, and image processing using MATLAB. Additionally, it discusses the functions for image processing in MATLAB, reading and writing images, pre-processing images, segmentation of images, and transformations. Finally, it covers the interface between MATLAB and other programming languages.


The Usability of Service Patterns: A Case Study of Traditional Chinese Tea House Lock Cha and Mido Café

4 pages | 970 words

This essay discusses the importance of usability in service design, and how user interaction should be designed in order to create a positive user experience. The essay then applies this knowledge to two case studies: Traditional Chinese Tea House Lock Cha and Mido Café.