The Importance of Pronunciation in Second Language Acquisition

6 pages | 1480 words

This essay discusses the different approaches that can be taken in teaching speaking and pronunciation, with a focus on the role of the teacher. It explains the benefits of each approach and provides examples of how they can be implemented.


The Importance of Reading and Writing for Children

2 pages | 360 words

This essay discusses the importance of reading and writing for children. It explains that reading helps children to develop their vocabulary, grammar, and spelling skills. In addition, reading also helps children to improve their comprehension skills. The author then discusses various approaches that can be used to develop writing skills in children. He concludes by saying that the most important thing is for teachers to be effective and appropriate in their methods of correction.


Pronunciation Learning and Teaching: A Review of Current Approaches

4 pages | 880 words

This essay will review some of the current objectives on pronunciation learning in schools and teaching, and examine the nature of pronunciation learning and teaching. It will also describe some of the current approaches to pronunciation teaching, and report on an action research study conducted on pronunciation teaching in a secondary school in Hong Kong.

Research Paper

The Impact of St. Lucie County School District’s Language Policy on the Teaching of English to Language Learners in the United States

4 pages | 930 words

This paper explores the teaching methods used in St. Lucie County School District, Florida, and how they conflict with policy issues for the teaching of English to language learners in other states. It finds that there are two main policy issues that arise from the teaching methods used in St. Lucie schools: standardized testing and the government's role in mandating how English should be taught in public schools.