The Use of Taboo Words: Shock, Offend, and Challenge

2 pages | 510 words

This essay looks at the history and use of taboo words, as well as the power they can have. It also discusses some of the negative effects associated with their use.

Assessment Report

The Importance of Ideational and Interpersonal Meaning in Written Discourse

5 pages | 1330 words

This essay looks at two types of meaning: ideational meaning and interpersonal meaning. It discusses how each type of meaning is conveyed in written discourse, and provides two examples of this.


The Dell Model: A Guide to Constructing Well-Structured Stories

2 pages | 390 words

The Dell model is a speaking model proposed by linguist Dell Hymes. It emphasizes the importance of well-structured stories that address the mechanism within a story. The model is designed to help speakers construct their stories in a way that is both efficient and understandable. There are several key components to the Dell model, including the end-act sequence, the key, instrumentalities, norms, and genres.

Critical Essay

The Two Constituents of English Grammar: A Debate

2 pages | 470 words

This essay looks at the debate between the two constituents of English grammar, clauses and sentences. It examines the arguments of both sides and concludes that there is no clear winner in the debate.