The Consequences of Free Trade: Big Companies vs. Developing Countries

4 pages | 890 words

The essay discusses the confrontations between big companies and free trade, with a focus on how these have led to the exploitation of developing countries by global corporations. It examines how these corporations have used their economic power to influence government policies in developed countries, resulting in many developing countries being unable to export their products. This has hurt their economies and created social injustice.

Critical Essay

Evaluating a Product for Commercialization: A Loose vs. Tight Approach

1 pages | 30 words

The essay will be discussing the process of commercializing a product, including loose and tight evaluation methods, as well as conducting a competitor analysis. An e-marketplace will also be created for the selected product.

Research Paper

Heinz Corporation: A Leading Food Company

1 pages | 210 words

Heinz Corporation is a leading food company that supplies a wide range of food products to more than 200 countries worldwide. The company has a strong commitment to producing high-quality food products and providing excellent customer service. It has also set ambitious goals for expanding its business operations into new markets.

Assessment Report

Jedwan International’s marketing strategy in Ireland

3 pages | 800 words

This essay discusses Jedwan International's marketing strategy in the Irish market. The company targets teenagers aged 17-21 years old and aims to increase its market share by 3%. To achieve this, Jedwan needs to focus on its unique selling proposition and use a mix of above-the-line and below-the-line promotion. The Irish market is favourable for businesses, with a well-educated workforce and a commitment to reducing the administrative burden on businesses. However, businesses operating in Ireland face challenges such as high corporate tax rates, skilled labour shortages and red tape.


The Importance of a Marketing Strategy for the Hot Noodle Company

4 pages | 1060 words

The essay discusses the importance of having a well-defined marketing strategy for the Hot Noodle company. It outlines the various elements that should be included in such a strategy, such as identifying the target market, setting realistic goals and objectives, and having a clear mission statement.