The Relationship Between Employee Age and Employee Engagement

4 pages | 930 words

The present study has used the Pearson correlation coefficient to examine the relationship between employee age and employee engagement score. The results of the analyses show that there is a positive, significant relationship between employee age and employee engagement score. In addition, the results of the regression analyses show that employee age predicts employees' level of engagement. These findings suggest that older workers are more engaged than younger workers.


Student Attitudes Towards Learning in the 21st Century

2 pages | 540 words

This essay looks at student attitudes towards learning in the 21st century, with a focus on the impact of technology. It reviews the existing literature on the topic and outlines a research methodology for investigating these attitudes. The findings and implications for educators will be discussed.

Research Paper

The Case Against Biodiesel: A Rebuttal

2 pages | 470 words

This essay looks at the case against biodiesel, the fallacy of the numbers that have been used, and what the critics are missing. It offers thoughts on the matter and concludes that biodiesel is a promising alternative fuel source that has been unfairly attacked by some critics.

Annotated Bibliography

The United States Census: An Introduction

3 pages | 710 words

The essay discusses the US Census, which is a population census conducted by the federal government every ten years. The results of the census are used to determine the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives and to distribute funds from the federal government to the states. The census also provides important information about the demographics of the United States.


Non-Parametric Statistical Procedures

6 pages | 1410 words

This essay discusses non-parametric statistical procedures, including tests of independence and sample size/power considerations. It also compares the efficiency of parametric and non-parametric tests.

Assessment Report

The Use of Baye's Theorem to Solve the Issue of Uncertainty Regarding the Popularity of Riordan Manufacturing's Web Sites

5 pages | 1110 words

This essay discusses how the management of Riordan Manufacturing can use the Baye's Theorem to solve the issue of uncertainty regarding the popularity of the company's four web sites.


1.1 Elements, Variables and Observations: Statistical Terminology and Summary

1 pages | 10 words

This essay will discuss the basic elements of statistical analysis, including variables and observations. It will also introduce some of the key terminology used in statistics. Finally, it will provide a summary of the main points covered.