The Weakest Arguments Against Euthanasia

2 pages | 430 words

This essay looks at the weakest arguments against euthanasia, which are that accepting physician assisted suicide will weaken the prohibition on killing, and that citizens will begin to fear hospitals and medical personnel. The essay argues that these arguments are not based in reality, and that legalizing PAS would actually help to build trust between patients and medical professionals.

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The Impact of Immigration on Children: The Story of Enrique

2 pages | 370 words

The essay tells the story of a young boy named Enrique who sets off on a dangerous journey from Honduras to the United States in search of his mother. Enrique is just one of many children who are caught in the middle of the immigration debate in the United States. The essay highlights the difficulties that children face when their parents immigrate to another country and the importance of family.


Lone Parents: The Challenges They Face, the Role of Feminism, and How Open-Minded Egalitarians Have Contributed to the Debate

3 pages | 670 words

This essay explores the challenges faced by lone parents, the role of feminism in challenging social norms, and how open-minded egalitarians have contributed to the debate. It also considers the economic impact of being a lone parent and how this can further add to the challenges they face.


Tribal Wisdom: The Importance of Reciprocity in Traditional Societies

2 pages | 500 words

In his essay "Tribal Wisdom", David Maybury-Lewis distinguishes between two types of societies: traditional and modern. He argues that traditional societies are characterized by a sense of reciprocity, while modern society is characterized by individualism and isolation.