Critical Essay

The Importance of Education in the Development of Society

3 pages | 600 words

This essay discusses the importance of education for the development of any society. It also tells the story of Greg Mortenson and his efforts to promote education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Term Paper

The Unexplainable Phenomenon of Jill Bolte Taylor’s Out-of-Body Experience

2 pages | 350 words

The essay will analyze Jill Bolte Taylor's experience of seeing the "holy light" during her out-of-body experience, from a religious perspective. It will discuss how human nature demands explanation for everything that happens in the world, and how science and religion sometimes conflict when it comes to events that cannot be fully explained by either side.


The Relationship Between Islam and Free Will

2 pages | 490 words

This essay discusses the Islamic belief in predestination and free will. It explains that all religions believe in predestination to some extent, but Islam does not limit humans' freedom to choose their own destiny. Rather, Islam teaches that humans are born with a natural disposition towards good which can be corrupted by society and their own desires. However, if a person repents for their sins and turns back to Allah, they can enter into the lawwama stage where they become constantly aware of their own shortcomings and strive to correct them. This eventually leads to the mutmainnah stage where the individual completely submits to Allah’s will.