Luther as an Apocalypse Angel

3 pages | 690 words

This essay discusses the reasons why Lutherans might have identified Martin Luther as an apocalypse angel. It explains that many Germans saw Luther as a kind of savior who would lead them to salvation when the world ended. The essay also discusses the roles that souls played in apocalyptic expectations, and how Luther's ideas about the afterlife were popular with the German people during the Reformation.

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The Canonization of Saint Mary: Paradigms That Give an Account of the Processes

4 pages | 920 words

This essay looks at the process of canonization from two different paradigms, anthropology and historiography. It explains how the process works and how it has been criticized by some scholars.


The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ

3 pages | 800 words

This essay looks at the life and mission of Jesus Christ. It discusses who he was, what he came to achieve and how his message changed the world.


The Life of Jesus Christ: Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Adult Years, Death and Resurrection

7 pages | 1670 words

This essay will explore the life of Jesus Christ, from his birth to his death and resurrection. It will discuss the main events of his life as recorded in the Gospels, and what they can tell us about him and his teachings.