Lessons Learned from the Failed APT Project

4 pages | 1070 words

This essay discusses the reasons for the failure of the Advanced Passenger Train (APT) project in the UK, and the lessons that can be learned from it. The APT project was hampered by poor management, resistance to change among employees, inadequate resources, and unrealistic expectations. The failure of the project led to immense cost overruns, the cancellation of other projects, job losses, and damage to British railways' reputation.

Research Paper

The Impact of the Railroad on America

2 pages | 510 words

This essay discusses the history of the railroad in America, its impact on the country's development, and the benefits and risks associated with its construction.

Term Paper

The Pros and Cons of High Speed Rail for Mass Transit

7 pages | 1650 words

This essay will examine the role of high speed rail in mass transit, and whether there are any other ways of achieving the objectives of mass transit. The paper will first look at the advantages and disadvantages of using high speed rail for mass transit. Next, it will consider other options for city transportation, such as public transport and private cars. Finally, the paper will conclude with a discussion of the costs and benefits of mass transit systems.