The Difference Between a Professional and a Nonprofessional: The Importance of Ethical Standards

3 pages | 740 words

This essay discusses the characteristics of a true profession and the importance of ethical standards within a profession.

Research Paper

The Impact of Globalization on Individual Career Paths

6 pages | 1570 words

This essay will review the literature on individual career paths, examining the concept of an individual career path, the models that have been proposed for understanding these paths, and the decision dynamics involved in choosing a particular path. Additionally, the role of supervisor relationships in influencing individual career paths will be discussed. Finally, implications for future research will be drawn.


The Different Types of Engineering

6 pages | 1540 words

This essay discusses the different types of engineering, the importance of mathematics, physics, and chemistry for engineers, and why computer-aided engineering is important. The essay also gives the opinion that parents and students should attend a careers evening to learn more about engineering.