The Chainaya Lozhka: A Case Study of a Unique Russian Fast Food Restaurant

6 pages | 1440 words

This essay discusses the Chainaya Lozhka, a Russian fast food restaurant that specializes in serving traditional Russian dishes and tea. The essay discusses the restaurant's menu, customer attraction strategies, target market, and sustainability practices. It also provides recommendations on how the restaurant can improve its operations and grow its business.

Term Paper

The Importance of Organizational Concept

3 pages | 760 words

Organizational concept is a new and efficient way of making sure that strategic plans are executed in a manner that leads to the attainment of set organizational goals. It is a systematic and continuous process that is aimed at ensuring that an organization's resources are best used to achieve its objectives. The concept has been hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in management and it is increasingly being adopted by organizations all over the world. This paper will explore the role of decision making, decision support system, and technology in organizational concept. It will also discuss the importance of this concept to students and management.


The Different Theories and Perspectives on Organizational Change

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This essay explores some of the different theories and perspectives on organizational change, and how they can be applied in practice. It discusses the rational perspective, the resource perspective, the cultural perspective, and the systems perspective.