Research Paper

The Success of Lil Wayne

4 pages | 1000 words

This essay looks at the life and career of Lil Wayne, one of the most successful rappers of our time. Wayne has managed to stay relevant and successful by constantly releasing new music and collaborating with other artists. We also touch on his personal life, including his marriages and children, as well as some of the controversies that have followed him throughout his career.


The Development of 20th Century Music: Schoenberg vs. Stravinsky

3 pages | 760 words

This essay explores the ways in which Arnold Schoenberg and Igor Stravinsky contributed to the development of 20th century music. It discusses their early years, their different approaches to composition, and the techniques that they developed.


Josquin Desprez: Life and Music

4 pages | 830 words

Josquin Desprez was a highly skilled composer who wrote both sacred and secular music. His use of chromaticism and counterpoint was innovative for its time and helped pave the way for the development of tonality in the Baroque period. In addition, his expressive and emotionally charged music was a far cry from the more reserved and cerebral style of his contemporaries. Today, Josquin is widely considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time.


Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: A Political Statement

4 pages | 940 words

This essay discusses the life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven, with a focus on his Ninth Symphony. It also discusses the controversy surrounding the work and its connection to Napoleon Bonaparte.