The Washington Bullets’ $78.4 Million Betrayal of Juwan Howard

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In 1996, Juwan Howard signed a seven-year contract with the Washington Bullets worth $78.4 million. The contract made him the highest-paid player in the NBA at that time. However, just two years into his contract, the team was dismantled and Howard was traded to Dallas. The trade came as a surprise to Howard and left him feeling betrayed by management. Howard was so upset by the trade that he decided to quit basketball altogether and pursue a career in rap music. Luckily for Howard, his rap career didn't last long and he eventually returned to the NBA.

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The Cross-Cultural Implications of Business Activities

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This essay discusses the concept of cross-cultural implications or interactions, and how they can affect businesses. It provides a theoretical framework for understanding these concepts, and applies this framework to a case study of Coca-Cola.