Research Paper

Different Learning Styles: Methods, Applications, and Criticisms

6 pages | 1390 words

This paper looks at different methods of categorizing students into different learning styles, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method. It also looks at Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and how it can be used to measure an individual's preferred learning style. Finally, the paper looks at how an inductive approach can be used when teaching students.


Teaching vocabulary to students: four different methods

3 pages | 700 words

This essay looks at four different methods for teaching vocabulary to students – predicting, cooperative learning, dictionary work, and interactive glossaries. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are explored, and tips are provided on how to use each method effectively in the classroom.


The Importance of the Teacher in Second Language Writing Instruction

5 pages | 1150 words

This essay discusses different approaches to second language writing instruction, as well as the importance of the teacher in the success of any approach. It also describes some null assumptions which may lead to ineffective second language writing instruction. Finally, it provides some strategies for more effective second language writing instruction.


A New Magazine on Remodeling: Filling a Void in the Marketplace

3 pages | 570 words

A new magazine focused on remodeling projects is needed in the marketplace. The magazine would cover both the technical and design/architecture aspects of remodeling, as well as provide information on popular projects such as heating/cooling and painting. Homeowners and businesses would benefit from having such a resource available.


The Importance of Problem Solving in Mathematics

2 pages | 410 words

This essay discusses the importance of problem solving in mathematics, and why it is essential for students to develop this skill.

Critical Essay

Ethnography: A Powerful Research Methodology

2 pages | 390 words

This essay discusses the ethnographic research methodology, its benefits, and how it can be used in teaching and learning. Ethnography is a powerful research methodology that offers a number of advantages over other research methodologies.