The Different Sides of Sports in Film: “Rocky I” and “Raging Bull”

3 pages | 550 words

"Rocky I" and "Raging Bull" are two of the most iconic sports films ever made. Both films were directed by Academy Award-winning directors, John G. Avildsen and Martin Scorsese respectively. Both films are about boxing, but they differ in terms of style and substance. "Rocky I" is a classic underdog story, while "Raging Bull" is a much darker film that focuses on the dark side of sports.


A Comparison of Shaft and Hero: Two Action-Adventure Movies

1 pages | 260 words

This essay will compare and contrast the two movies Shaft and Hero, looking at their similarities and differences in genre, style, structure, and content.


A Comparison of Avatar and The Outsiders

4 pages | 1000 words

This essay will compare the plot, main characters, and themes of Avatar and The Outsiders. It will argue that, despite the different contexts in which they were created, these two movies share some common features that make them similar in many ways.

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Cinematic Realism: Examining Neorealism through the Lens of Bazin and Deleuze

5 pages | 1290 words

This essay looks at the ways in which neorealist films achieve a high degree of realism, both in terms of the way they are filmed and the stories they tell. It discusses the work of Andre Bazin and Gilles Deleuze in relation to this topic, and how their ideas can still be applied to films today.