2006 Federal Election in Canada

4 pages | 980 words

The 2006 federal election in Canada was a historic one that ended twelve years of Liberal rule and ushered in a new era of Conservative government. The election was important because it changed the political landscape of the country and gave Stephen Harper the mandate to lead the country in a new direction.

Research Paper

The Democratic Wave in 2008: Why Republicans Lost in Florida’s 8th Congressional District

1 pages | 250 words

This essay looks at the 2008 election in Florida's 8th Congressional District, where the Republican Party lost to the Democrats. It discusses the factors that led to the Democratic victory, as well as the 2010 election, where the Democrat was defeated by a Republican.


The Importance of Democracy and Ways to Enhance It in the United States

3 pages | 710 words

This essay discusses the importance of democracy and how it can be enhanced in the United States. It compares the United States to other democracies, such as Europe and Japan. The essay argues that a welfare system and a separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches would help to improve democracy in the United States.