The Relationship Between ADHD and LLD: How It Can Impact Language and Literacy Skills

2 pages | 530 words

In this essay, we will discuss the possible causes of Oscar's language learning disability (LLD) and its impact on his language and literacy skills. We will also explore the relationship between LLD and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as the ways in which LLD can impact a child's ability to develop literacy skills.

Research Paper

A Child’s Developmental History and Assessment

2 pages | 370 words

A child's developmental history and assessment are important tools that can be used to provide insight into a child's current functioning, as well as to predict future functioning. This information can be used by parents, caregivers, and medical professionals to ensure that a child is developing optimally and to identify any areas of concern.

Critical Essay

ADHD and Reward/Error Processing: A Neurophysiological Study

5 pages | 1280 words

This essay looks at the neurophysiological and behavioral measures used in self-regulation among children with ADHD and typically developing children. The study found that children with ADHD had different patterns of brain activity during tasks involving rewards and no-rewards, as well as post-error slowing and post-Too slow speeding. These findings suggest that abnormalities in reward processing may contribute to symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity in ADHD, while abnormalities in error processing may contribute to problems with executive function in ADHD.


Parental Employment and Early Childcare: The Pros and Cons

3 pages | 670 words

This essay discusses the potential positive and negative effects of parental employment and early childcare on children’s development. It is important to consider all of these factors when making decisions about work and child care arrangements.


The difference between discipline and child abuse

2 pages | 510 words

This essay discusses the difference between discipline and child abuse, with a focus on the legal definition of child abuse in Sweden. It also looks at the positive and negative motivations for disciplining a child, as well as the prevalence of child abuse cases in Sweden.


Adolescence in Literature: Tan’s half and a half and Walker’s Everyday use

3 pages | 800 words

This essay discusses how two stories, Morrison's Tan's half and a half and Walker's Everyday use, deal with the theme of adolescence and the various struggles that the protagonists go through during this phase of their life.