Theories of Motivation: Aristotle and Freud

3 pages | 560 words

This essay looks at the different theories of motivation, with a focus on Aristotle's theory of the four causes of motivation and Freud's theory of the structure of the human psyche.

Assessment Report

Conditioned Learning: A Review of Key Findings and Their Implications

6 pages | 1600 words

In this essay, I will review some of the key findings from research on conditioned learning, with a particular focus on those studies that have investigated the effect of different variables on learning and its retention. I will also discuss the implications of these findings for our understanding of how conditioning may influence behaviour in different situations.

Research Paper

Why Do International Students Choose to Study in the UK?

6 pages | 1520 words

The essay discusses the reasons why international students choose to study in the UK, the benefits they bring to the country, and the factors that influence their consumption behaviour.


The Forms of Openness: Indifference and the Quest for Knowledge

2 pages | 340 words

In "The Forms of Openness", Howard Bloom argues that there are different types of openness that we should be aware of. He distinguishes between the "openness of indifference" and the "openness to the quest for knowledge and certitude". The first type is characterised by a lack of engagement with the world and a focus on the self, while the second type is characterised by an openness to new ideas and a willingness to question our beliefs. Bloom argues that both types of openness are necessary for a healthy society.