Critical Essay

Solar Calendars: Advantages and Disadvantages

4 pages | 1020 words

This essay discusses the different types of solar calendars in use around the world, their advantages and disadvantages, and the most common type of solar calendar, the Julian calendar.

Research Paper

The History of Commercial Suborbital Spaceflight

6 pages | 1650 words

This essay looks at the history of attempts to develop commercially viable suborbital spaceships, from the early days of the Space Age to the present day. It discusses the motivations for wanting to develop such spacecraft and the different ways in which they could be used for commercial purposes. The essay also looks at some of the companies that are currently working on developing operational suborbital spacecraft and their plans for providing commercial spaceflights in the near future.


Galileo Galilei and the Medici: Science, Politics, and Patronage in Early Modern Europe

2 pages | 540 words

This essay explores Galileo's motivations for naming the four moons of Jupiter after the Medici family, as well as the reactions of the Medici themselves. Finally, it reflects on what this story can tell us about the relationship between science and the patronage system in early modern Europe.