Assessment Report

The Airline Industry: An Overview

2 pages | 320 words

The airline industry is a global industry that provides air transportation services for passengers and cargo. The industry is characterized by high barriers to entry, high fixed costs, and high variable costs. The global airline industry has experienced several periods of profitability and growth, but it has also been marked by periods of losses and consolidation.


The Wright Brothers vs. Curtiss: A Conflict over Aviation Intellectual Property

4 pages | 970 words

The essay discusses the conflict between the Wright brothers and AEA, which was caused by the AEA's use of the Wrights' designs without permission. The resolution of this conflict set a precedent in American aviation that companies engaged in research and development should be able to freely use each other's ideas. This precedent contributed to the development of aviation industry in America.

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Job role of a flight assistant

2 pages | 340 words

The job role of a flight assistant is to provide comfort and safety to airline passengers during a flight. They are also responsible for handling cargo and making sure that the aircraft is properly load balanced. Flight assistants typically work for commercial airlines but there are also some that work for private aviation companies or the government.

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Flight Safety: A Closer Look

2 pages | 510 words

This essay looks at the various factors that can impact flight safety, from aviation accidents to fatigue, vibrations and noise. It also discusses the regulations in place to ensure flight safety and the importance of all those involved in the aviation industry being aware of these factors.


The Cost of Airline Flights: A Detailed Analysis

3 pages | 600 words

This essay looks at the different factors that influence the cost of an airline flight. It discusses items such as fuel, maintenance, salaries, and airport fees, and how they can contribute to the final cost of a flight.