The Role of Political Advertising in Modern Campaigns

2 pages | 430 words

This essay discusses the role of political advertising in modern campaigns, as well as the controversy surrounding it. It looks at the effectiveness of political ads and how they can be used effectively as part of a broader campaign strategy.

Term Paper

The Role of Women in Advertising: From the ‘Successful Woman’ to the ‘Slim and Compact’ Deodorants

8 pages | 2010 words

In this essay, we will be looking at how women have been used in advertising to sell all sorts of products. We will be looking at three very different adverts and analysing what they are saying about the products they are selling, and also about society as a whole. The adverts we will be looking at are for Calvin Klein lingerie, Dolce & Gabbana women’s perfumes, and dieting/weight-loss products.

Informative Essay

The Impact of Advertising on Society

2 pages | 410 words

This essay discusses how advertising has changed in recent years, the advantages and disadvantages of virtual advertising, and how it is changing the entertainment industry.

Research Paper

The Benefits of Using Facebook Pages for Local Saudi Car Dealerships

4 pages | 970 words

This essay discusses the benefits of using Facebook pages for local Saudi car dealerships. It provides an overview of the Saudi Arabian automotive market and explains how Facebook pages can be used to increase visibility, reach potential customers, and build relationships with customers. The essay also includes two case studies of successful Facebook pages for local car dealerships in Saudi Arabia.


The Sony Cyber-shot TX5: An Example of How Graphics Can Be Used in Consumerist Culture

2 pages | 540 words

The poster of Sony Cyber-shot TX5 is a great example of how graphics can be used in consumerist culture to sell a product. The poster consists of a diagram of the camera, a picture of the camera, and the major heading which reveals the make and range of the camera for the prospective customer.

Critical Essay

The Use of Implied Meaning in Advertising: An Ethical Evaluation

5 pages | 1260 words

This essay looks at how advertisers use different implications in advertising to sell their products, with a focus on how sex appeal and male psychology are often exploited to lure customers into buying products. It critically evaluates how these techniques are used in ads, and whether or not they are ethical.


Emotional Appeal in L. James’ Powerade Commercial

3 pages | 670 words

The commercial is effective because it uses an emotional appeal to sell its product. It speaks to the viewer on a personal level and uses James' prominence in pop culture to sell the product.

Assessment Report

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cluster Advertising

3 pages | 590 words

Cluster advertising is a type of commercial promotion that has effectively shown a great increase in sales, through the number of people that use a certain mobile phone service. This form of advertisement is particularly useful for businesses and organizations that are targeting a specific group or demographic of consumers.


The Dos Equis Amber Ad: An Analysis

3 pages | 550 words

The Dos Equis Amber ad is a highly irresponsible ad that promotes violence against women and irresponsible drinking. It is not a realistic portrayal of what happens when you use the "Happy Hour" technique and it could give young men false expectations about their own abilities.


The Marketing Strategy for “Spray”

2 pages | 370 words

The essay discusses the marketing campaign for "Spray," a new perfume that is targeting young people aged 25-40. The campaign includes sales demonstrations, neon billboards, and ads in fashion magazines. Local companies are also being targeted to help generate word-of-mouth buzz about the product.