Schmidt’s Disappearance: Unsolved Mysteries

1. Schmidt’s Disappearance

Linda Schmidt, a 32 year old flight attendant left her residence for the airport. She was believed to be on her way to Rome. As it turned out, she did not make it to Rome. Linda Schmidt was last seen on March 12, 2004, at approximately 6:45 a.m., as she departed her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, en route to the airport. Linda’s husband, Richard Morgan, reported her missing when she failed to arrive in Rome and did not call him as expected.

2. The Search for Schmidt

An immediate search for Linda Schmidt was launched by local authorities. However, they were unable to find any trace of her. A search of her home revealed that she had packed her suitcase and taken her passport with her, which indicated that she had indeed planned to travel to Rome. Her credit cards showed no activity after she left home, and there was no indication that she had ever arrived at the airport.

3. Schmidt’s Credit Card Activity

Linda Schmidt’s credit card activity showed that she made a purchase at a gas station near her home at 6:47 a.m., just two minutes after she was last seen. This was the last time her credit card was used. There was no activity on her bank account or credit cards after this time.

4. Schmidt’s Movements Before Her Disappearance

Linda Schmidt’s whereabouts before she disappeared are unknown. She did not use her cell phone or ATM card after she left home. The only clues to her whereabouts are the purchases made on her credit card at 6:47 a.m., which suggest that she was headed towards the airport. Security footage from the airport shows that Linda never arrived or checked in for her flight to Rome.

5. Theories on Schmidt’s Disappearance

There are several theories about what may have happened to Linda Schmidt. One theory is that she was abducted en route to the airport and is being held against her will somewhere. Another theory is that she ran away from home and is hiding out somewhere. A third theory is that she was murdered and her body disposed of so that it has not yet been found.

6. Conclusion

Linda Schmidt’s disappearance remains unsolved and it is unclear what happened to her. It is possible that she was abducted or killed, but it is also possible that she ran away from home and is hiding out somewhere under an assumed identity


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