The Impact of Music on Cultural Values: The Story of Sarfraz Manzoor

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Sarfraz Manzoor's essay "Greetings From Bury Park" tells the story of how music helped him to find peace in his relationship with his father. Music was always a big part of his life, but it wasn't until he discovered Bruce Springsteen that he realized how much it could change his life. Manzoor grew up in Pakistan, and his family moved to England when he was a teenager. He had a difficult time adjusting to life in the UK, and his relationship with his father was strained. His father was very strict, and they often argued about cultural values. However, when Manzoor discovered Bruce Springsteen, everything changed. He became obsessed with the music, and it gave him a new perspective on life. He started to see his father in a different light, and their relationship slowly improved.