The Roman Republic: A Government by the Senate

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The Roman Republic was a period of time in which Rome was governed by the Senate, a group of wealthy landowners who had served in the military. The Roman Republic came to an end when Julius Caesar was assassinated by senators who were afraid he was becoming too powerful. Augustus, Caesar's grandnephew, became the first Roman Emperor and changed the government from a republic to an autocratic state. The Julio-Claudian dynasty ended with Nero, who was followed by a series of short-lived emperors known as the three emperors of 69 AD. The Flavian dynasty was founded by Vespasian and ended with Domitian. The Severan dynasty (193–235) was founded by Septimius Severus and ended with Alexander Severus. The Constantinian dynasty (306–337) was founded by Constantine I and ended with Constantine II, Constans I,

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The Negative Effects of Making School Uniforms Mandatory in LA Schools

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The new policy of mandatory school uniforms in the Los Angeles Unified School District will have a negative effect on students. This is because it will take away their freedom of expression and individuality, and it will also be a financial burden for families who cannot afford to purchase uniforms for their children. Additionally, the new policy will give teachers and administrators too much power over students’ appearance, and it will create an environment in which conformity is valued over individuality. Finally, the new policy could lead to increased resentment and resistance from students who feel they are being forced to wear uniforms against their will.