“This Property Is Condemned: Story of Unfulfilled Fate”

2 pages | 300 words

This film is about a young girl named Alva Starr who is stuck in a small town during the Great Depression. She falls in love with a boy named Tom, but he marries another girl named Alma. Alva meets a man named Owen Legate who has come to town to condemn the house where she lives. They begin an affair and Alva starts dreaming of leaving the town with Owen. However, her plans are thwarted when Alma becomes pregnant and Tom marries her. Alva's mother also gets married and she is forced to stay in the town. She becomes depressed and starts drinking heavily. Her relationship with Owen also falls apart. Finally, Alva decides to leave town with JJ, one of her mother's many change of partners.

Research Paper

The Negative Side Effects of Abortion in the United States

4 pages | 860 words

This essay explores abortion and its side effects in the United States. In particular, it focuses on how Congress restriction on the use of Medicaid affects women's ability to access safe abortions, as well as the high incidence of abortion and its impact on the mother-daughter relationship.