GATT’s Successes and Failures

3 pages | 720 words

This essay discusses the successes and failures of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and argues that the need for a new organization, the World Trade Organization (WTO), became evident as GATT started to fail in achieving its objectives.

Research Paper

The Pros and Cons of Border Tax Adjustments

4 pages | 930 words

This essay discusses the pros and cons of border tax adjustments (BTAs), fees imposed by some governments on the products of manufacturers located in other countries that do not have similar carbon taxes in place. BTAs are one way to level the playing field between businesses in countries with different environmental policies, but they are also a controversial topic, with supporters and opponents arguing over the merits of the policy. The economics of BTAs are complex, and there is a large body of academic literature on the topic. The legal framework of BTAs under WTO law is also complex, and there have been several disputes between WTO member states over the legality of BTAs. BTAs have been proposed as a way to address climate change, and there is a growing body of literature on the topic. Some argue that BTAs are an important tool to reduce emissions, while others argue that they are ineffective and may