The Benefits of Facilitation: How to Use the Focused Conversation Technique

2 pages | 410 words

This essay covers the topic of facilitation, including what it is and how to do it effectively. It also introduces the focused conversation method as one of the most popular facilitation techniques.


Omni Services Inc.: A French Company on the Rise

4 pages | 980 words

Omni Services Inc. is a French company that provides rental linen services in Culpeper, Virginia. The company has been in existence for over ten years and it has always had a loyal customer base. However, the management came to recognition that; the present value of the company was higher than it was merely thought in which its pricing was to be based. This is because the market value for such a service had changed and other companies were now charging higher prices. The management decided to change the pricing of the services so as to match with the current market value. Some customers reacted negatively but most of them accepted it because they understand that, it is necessary for the growth of the company.The future looks bright for Omni Services Inc. This is because the management has put in place strategies that will help the company to grow even further.

Informative Essay

The Failed Student and the Sparrow: A Story of Bullying and Academic Future

7 pages | 1700 words

The Moose and the Sparrow is a story about bullying and the failed student. The protagonist, Moose, is a big man who was never successful in school. He is angry at the world and Mr. Anderson, his former teacher. When he meets Sparrow, a young student who is also failing, he takes out his frustration on him. Sparrow responds to the roughing up by causing his death, although it is significant that he finds a way to let Moose actually kill himself by lunging across the bridge. The story is set in a world where language is twisted and the world is a dark place. Moose is a symbol of the failed student who never had a chance, while Sparrow represents the academic future that Moose could have had if he had not been beaten down by the system.

Research Paper

Oil: Friend or Foe?

2 pages | 480 words

This essay looks at the oil debate from different perspectives and discusses the stakeholders involved. It also looks at the future of oil and the impact it will have on our economy and way of life.


The Negative Impact of Underperforming Teachers

4 pages | 1050 words

This essay discusses the problem of underperforming teachers and the various negative impacts that they have on students, colleagues, the education system, and the future of the country. It argues that something needs to be done about this problem, in order to improve the quality of education.