Jet Blue Airways: Expansion, Efficiency, and Enhancing the Customer Experience

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Jet Blue Airways is an American low-cost carrier that was founded in 1999. The airline operates mainly out of the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York City, but also has bases in Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Jet Blue offers low fares and high levels of customer service. In order to keep fares low, the airline has a young fleet of aircraft and avoids using third-party ticketing agencies. Despite its success to date, Jet Blue faces a number of challenges that threaten its long-term viability. These include increasing competition from other low-cost carriers, rising maintenance costs, volatile oil prices, and changing government policies. In order to overcome these challenges and remain successful in the long-term, Jet Blue needs to focus on various strategies such as expanding its route network, improving its operational efficiency, and enhancing its customer experience.