The marketing strategy of Wahaha: how the company makes sure its products are well-received by customers.

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This essay discusses Wahaha, a famous Chinese soup company, and its marketing strategy. The company's strategy is based on market research, product requirements, product market awareness, positive perception, customer motivation and rational motivation. Parents play a very important role in the consumer behavior of children and Wahaha designs its marketing strategy specifically for parents. Market research is very important for any company that wants to be successful and Wahaha conducts regular market research in order to find out about the latest trends in the soup market and to determine the product requirements of the customers. Based on the results of the market research, Wahaha determines the product requirements of the customers and designs products that meet these requirements. To ensure that the products are well received by the customers, Wahaha creates a product market awareness through advertising and promotion. This helps to create a positive perception of the products among the customers. Wahaha tries to create