Schmidt’s Disappearance: Unsolved Mysteries

2 pages | 400 words

Linda Schmidt, a 32 year old flight attendant, disappeared on March 12, 2004, after leaving her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, en route to the airport. A search of her home revealed that she had packed her suitcase and taken her passport with her, which indicated that she had indeed planned to travel to Rome. Her credit cards showed no activity after she left home, and there was no indication that she had ever arrived at the airport.

Research Paper

The War on Terror: Causes and Consequences

4 pages | 840 words

This essay explores the impact of the War on Terror on individual rights, specifically the right to privacy and security. It argues that although the War on Terror was necessary in order to protecting American citizens from further harm, the trade-off for increased security has been a loss of privacy for individuals.