Informative Essay

The Political Landscape of the United States

6 pages | 1400 words

This essay discusses the political landscape of the United States and how it has changed in recent years. It describes the division between the two major parties and how this division is evident in the way people vote and think about political issues. The essay also discusses the government's role in aiding the poor and how this has changed over time. Additionally, it discusses social welfare programs and economic inequality, two issues that have become more important in recent years.

Research Paper

Product Modification: Market-Based vs. Customer-Based

5 pages | 1270 words

This essay discusses the two main types of product modification - market-based and customer-based - and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages. It also provides guidance on how to modify a product to suit different markets, and how to price the product to generate desired sales outcomes.


The Great American Jobs Scam

4 pages | 980 words

The essay discusses the negative effects of globalization and offshoring on the American economy. It argues that these trends have led to job losses and a decline in living standards for the middle class. The essay also criticizes the Trump administration's proposed corporate tax cuts, which would only make the situation worse.


The implications of internet communications for democracy

2 pages | 540 words

In this essay, I will be summarising and critically evaluating Noam Chomsky's article "Consent and Internet Communications". In this article, Chomsky presents a natural expansion on the ideas about how information about the world is transmitted to the public. He discusses how traditional journalism and the internet can be used to shape public views, before finally discussing the implications of this for democracy.