Critical Essay

The Different Susceptibilities of Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria to Antimicrobial Agents

3 pages | 740 words

This essay discusses the different types of bacteria, their cell wall structures, and how this affects their susceptibility to various antimicrobial agents. It also discusses the most common types of antimicrobial agents used to treat infections caused by bacteria.


The Use of Auxotrophs in the Laboratory

2 pages | 450 words

This essay discusses the use of auxotrophic bacteria to select for or against specific traits, with a focus on antibiotic resistance. It describes how different antibiotics can have different effects on different strains of bacteria, and highlights the importance of using a range of different antibiotics when testing for resistance.


Beach Water Pollution: A Major Problem in the United States

2 pages | 330 words

Beach water pollution is a major problem in the United States that affects everyone who uses the beach for recreation. The main causes of beach water pollution are sewage spills, overflows, and leaks from septic tanks; storm water runoff from land; discharges from boats and other vessels; and wild life activity. The best way to solve the problem of beach water pollution is to prevent it from happening in the first place by properly maintaining septic tanks and sewer systems, properly disposing of boat waste, reducing storm water runoff, and preventing wild life from coming into contact with beaches.