The Various Creation Myths in American Tradition

6 pages | 1430 words

This essay looks at different creation myths from American tradition, including Native American folklore, Hesiod's Theology, and avian myths. It discusses the idea of sacrifice and how it relates to these creation stories. Finally, it explores the concept of earth-diving, which is a popular motif in many creation myths.

Critical Essay

The Benefits and Risks of a Joint Venture Between Charles River Laboratories and ALPES Company

2 pages | 530 words

This essay discusses the case of Charles River Laboratories and ALPES Company considering entering into a joint venture. The two companies had been in talks for some time, and they had finally come to an agreement that they would share the profits equally. The joint venture would be for the purpose of providing specific antigen-free avian services (SPF) in Mexico, which is a market that is currently underserved. This venture would be beneficial for both companies, as it would allow them to tap into a new market and potentially increase their revenue. However, there are also some risks associated with this venture, which will be discussed later on in the paper.