Paul Fussell’s “Thank God for Atom the Bomb”: A Critique

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In this essay, I will be critiquing the argument made by Paul Fussell in his essay “Thank God for Atom the Bomb”. The essay is a response to Arthur Hadley’s argument that the use of the atomic bomb on Japan was unnecessary. In his essay, Fussell tries to justify the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by arguing that it saved American lives. He claims that the US Air Force would have continued to bomb Japan until they surrendered and that this would have resulted in hundreds of thousands of American casualties. He also argues that the bombing forced Japan to surrender and saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people who would have been killed in a ground invasion. Though the arguments in favor of the bombing presented by Paul Fussell are based on facts, however, they fail to justify the bombing at all


Franklin Delano Roosevelt: One of America’s Greatest Presidents

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of the greatest American presidents. He helped the nation through the Great Depression and then led it to victory in World War II. He is remembered for his famous "New Deal" policies and his "Four Freedoms" speech.