Research Paper

The Experimentation of Color and Light in Edgar Degas’ “Waiting”

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"Waiting" is a painting by Edgar Degas that was created in 1882. The painting depicts two women, a dancer and her chaperone, sitting on a bench. The dancer is wearing a traditional costume of a ballet dancer. The mood of the painting is somewhat mysterious and melancholy, due in part to the muted colors and the asymmetrical composition. The dancer's pose is dynamic, yet she appears lost in thought or asleep. This contrast between motion and stillness creates a sense of tension in the painting. Degas' experimentation with color and light contributes to the overall mood of the work. The use of shadow adds depth and dimensionality to the scene, while the muted colors create a sense of calm or detachment. "Waiting" is an important work in Degas' oeuvre as it demonstrates