The benefits of physical activity for the brain

2 pages | 440 words

This essay discusses the various benefits of physical activity for the brain, including improved memory and increased BDNF levels. Furthermore, the essay discusses how exercise can help reduce depression.

Research Paper

The Saudi Arabian Education System: An Overview

4 pages | 950 words

The essay discusses the education system in Saudi Arabia, which has evolved since the early days of Islam. The modern system is a product of the country's oil wealth and rapid economic development. It is divided into four main levels: primary, secondary, university, and specialized/adult education. The public sector is responsible for the majority of schools and universities, but the private sector is growing. Teachers must have a university degree and pass a teaching qualification examination. There are minimum standards for writing, reading, and arithmetic which all students must meet. There have been a number of major reforms to the education system since 1986. Education is free up to university level, but students have to pay for their own materials and may also have to pay tuition fees at private institutions. The government invests heavily in education and is committed to carrying out further reforms in the future.