Futurism and Art

1. Introduction

2. Futurism and art

2.1 The purpose of the Futurist movement

2.2 The ethical code of the New Artist

3. Filippo Marinetti and the Futurist Manifesto

4. Conclusion


The Futurist Manifesto is a document that outlines the key principles of the Futurist movement.

Filippo Marinetti was an Italian poet and thinker who was one of the founders of the Futurist movement.

He wrote the Futurist Manifesto in order to articulate the goals and principles of the movement, and to recruit new members.

Some of the key ideas in the Futurist Manifesto include a celebration of speed, technology, and violence; a rejection of traditional values and conventions; and a call for art to be more expressive and accessible to everyone.