Dante Alighieri: A Good Student

1. Introduction

Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet of the Middle Ages, is best known for his monumental work, Inferno, the first part of his epic poem entitled Divine Comedy. In this work Dante chronicles his imaginary journey through Hell guided by the Roman poet Virgil. As they descend into the nine circles of Hell, Virgil and Dante encounter a variety of sinners being punished for their crimes against God.

2. What Makes a Good Student?

i) Asking Questions:

The first quality that makes Dante a good student is his questioning attitude. He is not afraid to ask questions to Virgil, even though he is much knowledgeable than him. For instance, in Canto V, as they enter the second circle of Hell reserved for the lustful, Dante sees the ghosts of Paolo and Francesca being blown about by a terrible storm. Francesca tells Dante how she and her husband Paolo Malatesta fell in love and committed adultery. When Dante asked her how such a love could arise from reading a book, Francesca replied that it was because they read the story with too much feeling, thereby neglecting their duties (Alighieri ). From this instance it is clear that Dante was not afraid to question what he did not understand.

ii) Being Keen:
Another quality which makes Dante a good student is his eagerness or zeal to learn. He expresses this quality when he says to Virgil in Canto II that he would gladly spend more time listening to him (Alighieri). This shows that Dante was very keen on learning whatever Virgil had to teach him.

iii) Respecting the Character of the Teacher:
The third quality which makes Dante a good student is his respect for Virgil’s character. Throughout Inferno, Dante always refers to Virgil as “my master” or “my lord” (Alighieri). This shows that he held Virgil in high esteem and respected him deeply. In Canto XXVI, when they meet the sinner Marquis del Montefeltro, he tells them how he was tricked by Pope Boniface VIII into giving false advice which led to the defeat of Florence in battle. When Marquis asks Dante how he could hope for forgiveness from God after committing such a sin, Dante replies that it is because he has been blessed with two great teachers – Virgil and Beatrice – who have helped him learn how to seek pardon from God (Alighieri). From this instance it is clear that Dante respected Virgil not only as his teacher but also as a person of great wisdom and knowledge.

4. Conclusion:

In conclusion, we can say that Dante Alighieri was definitely a good student based on the three qualities mentioned above – asking questions, being keen and respecting the character of the teacher. Through these qualities Dante reveals his thirst for knowledge and his willingness to learn from those who are more experienced than him. Thus we can say that Dante was definitely an excellent student who deserved all the guidance and help that his teachers provided him with.


Dante thinks that the main purpose of education is to learn about different things and to grow as a person.

Dante thinks he is doing well in school, but there is always room for improvement.

Dante feels that some subjects are more important than others because they can help you in your everyday life or in your future career.

If everyone was like Dante and only studied what they liked, then people would only be knowledgeable about certain topics and the world would be quite limited.

Yes, there have been times when Dante has felt like he isn't good enough or that he can't do something, but he doesn't let those feelings stop him from trying his best.

The advice Dante would give to someone who is struggling in school or with a particular subject is to never give up and to keep trying their best.