Consumer Attitudes and Their Effect on Car Design

1. Introduction
2. Consumer attitudes and their effect on car design

2.1 Fashion-conscious strategies
2.2 Improved aerodynamics

3. Current innovations in cars
3.1 Car design
3.2 Car interior

3.3 Car exterior

4. Fuel efficiency and “green” cars
5. The future of the automotive industry

6. Conclusion


Some of the most significant car innovations in recent history include electric cars, autonomous driving, and ride sharing.

These innovations have changed the way we use and interact with cars by making them more sustainable, efficient, and convenient.

These innovations say about the direction of society as a whole that we are moving towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

There are potential negative consequences of increasing car innovation such as job loss for traditional car workers and increased traffic congestion.

The future hold for automotive innovation is continued development of electric and autonomous vehicles as well as further integration of ride sharing into our everyday lives.