Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Reports: Analysis

1. Introduction

On Saturday, July 31, 2010, Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky in a lavish private ceremony in Rhinebeck, New York. The wedding was widely reported in the news, with many details about the event and the participants released to the public.

However, two different articles about the wedding, both published on the same day, convey very different messages about the event. In this paper, we will analyze these two articles and their choice of words in order to better understand how the media can present different versions of the same event.

2. Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Reports: Analysis

The first article we will look at is from The New York Times, entitled “Chelsea Clinton Weds Marc Mezvinsky” The second article is from The Daily Mail, entitled “Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: 1,000 guests including Oprah and Barbra Streisand descend on rural town for Bill and Hillary’s daughter’s big day.”

3. Two different reporters

The first thing we notice when reading these two articles is that they are written by different reporters. The New York Times article is written by Jodi Kantor, while the Daily Mail article is written by Annette Witheridge.

4. Different reporting styles

The two reporters also have different writing styles. Kantor’s article is more objective and news-oriented, while Witheridge’s article is more gossipy and personal. Kantor includes many factual details about the event, such as the number of guests and the cost of the wedding, while Witheridge focuses more on celebrity guests and what they wore.

5. Conclusions

In conclusion, we can see that even two reports about the same event can be very different depending on the reporter’s style and choice of words. While Kantor’s report is more objective and factual, Witheridge’s report is more gossipy and personal. Both reporters provide different perspectives on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, which allows readers to get a fuller picture of the event.


The media covered Chelsea Clinton's wedding in a very positive light. They showed pictures of her dress and spoke about how beautiful the ceremony was.

We can learn from the way the media covered Chelsea Clinton's wedding that it is possible to have a private wedding that is still very beautiful and special.

If the media had not covered Chelsea Clinton's wedding, we would not have known as much about it.