Being a Governor: A Difficult Thing for Any Person

1. Being a governor: difficult thing for any person

Being a governor isn’t easy. You have to be in touch with country and state affairs, and to be responsible for people’s lives, who have trusted themselves to governor’s hands.
The office of governor is a difficult thing for any person to complete. The functions of commander-in-chief, naval and military forces, taking care of numerous healthy services, issuing laws in order to improve current state of affairs – these all are the numerous spheres which are governed by one person – the governor.
It is a great responsibility to be a person, who is looked up by the citizens of state, who believe that this person will lead them through hard times and help to make their lives better.
The office of governor gives a person an opportunity to show his best sides, such as wisdom, far-sightedness, humanity, and others. But at the same time it may turn out that a person isn’t suitable for this position at all. In this case it would be much better if he resigns instead of bringing the situation to crisis.
The personality of the current governor is one of the most important factors which influence on the state of affairs in the country/state. If we have a wise and fair governor, who is interested in the development of his country/state and takes care of its citizens – we may hope for the best. But if we have an incompetent and corrupted person on this position – it is highly possible that soon we will face problems.

2. The functions of governor: commander-in-chief, naval and military forces

The functions of governor are divided into three spheres: executive, legislative, and judicial.
The executive power is vested in the governor. He is the chief executive officer of the state and is responsible for the enforcement of all laws. He has the power to veto any bill passed by the legislature and to call special sessions of the legislature.
The governor is also the commander-in-chief of the state’s naval and military forces.
The legislative power is vested in the legislature which is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislature has the power to pass laws, subject to the veto of the governor.
The judicial power is vested in the courts.
The governor has the power to appoint judges to the courts.

3. Taking care of numerous healthy services: issuing laws in order to improve current state of affairs

The most important duty of the governor is to take care of numerous healthy services which are vital for state’s well-being. It includes such services as healthcare, education, social security, housing, etc.
In order to provide citizens with these services governors have to issue laws which will improve current state of affairs in these spheres. It should be mentioned that not all governors are equally successful in taking care of these services. Some of them manage to do it quite well, while others lag behind and as a result state’s citizens have to suffer.
Moreover, it is also important for governors to take care of infrastructure and environmental protection. These two spheres are also crucial for state’s development and its citizens’ quality of life.
In conclusion, it should be said that being a governor is a difficult but at the same time a very responsible job. Not everyone can cope with all the duties which are incumbent on governors. But those who can do it successfully make an invaluable contribution to their country/state’s development.

1. Being a governor: difficult thing for any person

2. The functions of governor: commander-in-chief, naval and military forces
3. Taking care of numerous healthy services: issuing laws in order to improve current state of affairs


I wanted to become a governor because I wanted to help make positive changes in my state and improve the lives of its residents.

One of the biggest challenges I faced while in office was dealing with the state's budget deficit. I had to make some tough choices in terms of spending cuts and revenue increases, but ultimately we were able to balance the budget and avoid further fiscal problems.

Another challenge was dealing with special interests groups who often times opposed my policies. I tried to work with them as much as possible, but sometimes it was necessary to go against their wishes in order to do what I thought was best for the state.

One thing that surprised me about being a governor was how much time I had to spend away from my family. Being governor is a demanding job and it requires a lot of travel, so it can be difficult to maintain a good work-life balance.

Overall, I am proud of my accomplishments while in office. I made some tough decisions that weren't always popular, but I believe they were necessary in order to move the state forward.

My advice for someone considering a career in politics would be to make sure you are passionate about public service and willing to sacrifice your personal life for the sake of your career. It's also important to have thick skin because you will face criticism from all sides at all times!